Friday, June 20, 2008

Maybe Curt Schilling Can Pitch for McCain If He Can't Pitch for the Red Sox

Boston Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling will have season ending shoulder surgery on Monday. Schilling has not pitched this season due to the injury although he had been rehabbing and appeared to be making progress until about a week ago. Schilling came to the Red Sox in 2004 vowing to end our 86 year drought and backed up his word even if it meant a blood soaked sock. He also was also a contributor the 2007 World Series Championship team. Schilling signed a one year contract extension worth $8 million in the off season and was physically cleared to compete at the time.

There is a good chance Schilling might not ever pitch again even with the surgery. Even if never pitches again, he'll have played 20 years, won over 200 games, struck out more than 3000 batters and played in 4 World Series, three of them winners.

Schilling campaigned for President Bush's re-election in 2004 and was an early supporter of John McCain. Schilling and McCain became acquainted during his stint with the Arizona Diamondbacks where he was a part of the 2001 World Series Championship team. Schilling made an appearance with McCain before the New Hampshire Primary. If Schilling can't pitch for the Red Sox he can still make another pitch for McCain.

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