Thursday, June 5, 2008

Tsvangirai Released

MDC Leader Morgan Tsvangirai and his entourage were released after 9 hours in custody yesterday. It seems that Zimbabwean authorities wanted to see if one of their vehicles was properly registered and were kind enough to invite Tsvangirai and his entire delegation to watch the proceedings. And if you believe that then Ahmadinejad will establish diplomatic ties with Israel. At this point, the Zimbabwean authorities can't afford to rough up Tsvangirai like they did last year. But they can make life difficult for him and impede him from campaigning. However, at least 60 MDC supporters have been murdered at the hand of Mugabe's forces since the first round voting on March 29th. All the more reason to admire Tsvangirai and the MDC for their perserverance.

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