Friday, June 20, 2008

McCain Visits Canada

Today, John McCain was in Ottawa (my old stomping grounds) and gave a speech before the Economic Club of Canada to speak about the virtues of NAFTA while indirectly reminding his audience about Barack Obama's inconstitencies with respect to it.

McCain, in jest, called Canada a neighbor "we fear only on ice rinks and baseball diamonds." McCain praised Canada for its willingness to help Americans on September 11, 2001. People forget that the planes that were still airborne during the time of the attack were diverted to Canada, most notably in Newfoundland. McCain also praised the Canadian military's performance in the Kandahar Region of Afghanistan.

Some in the Canadian media are noting that McCain is not meeting with Prime Minister Stephen Harper. While NAFTA-gate gave Obama trouble in Ohio it also provided Harper with headaches as his soon be to former chief of staff was accused of leaking the information. So today Harper is in Saskatchewan.

That's fine. There will be plenty of time for McCain and Harper to get acquainted after McCain is elected this November.

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