Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Andrew Sullivan Can't Have a Civil Disagreement With Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin and Andrew Sullivan have a disagreement.

Palin wrote an editorial in The Washington Post today critical of the Obama's Administration's cap and trade legislation recently passed by the House of Representatives and awaiting approval by the Senate. She believes cap and trade will inflict permanent damage to our economy arguing that it will increase unemployment and raise the cost of living for people least in the position to afford it.

However, Andrew Sullivan sees cap and trade differently. While acknowledging cap and trade will impose some costs he believes cap and trade will not destroy America's economy but make it "several times more prosperous than it is now." Sullivan cites a study from the Congressional Budget Office stating those with lower and modest incomes are better off under cap and trade. It is worth noting The Wall Street Journal begged to differ last March. In fact, I am sure the editorial board of the WSJ would be inclined to agree with Palin.

But hey. Palin says potato. Sullivan says potato. That's America for you.

Yet Sullivan's headline reads, "Sarah Palin Does Not Understand Cap and Trade."

In other words, Sullivan is telling his readers that Sarah Palin is stupid. His headline suggests she doesn't understand cap and trade in the same way she supposedly didn't know Africa is a continent. This is the objective of Sullivan's post. I'm sure this won't be the last sort of headline we see from Sullivan where it concerns Palin. This after all is the guy who wondered aloud if Sarah Palin was really pregnant with her youngest son Trig.

Sarah Palin isn't above criticism. One can reasonably disagree with her editorial. But one can do so without trying to insinuate she's stupid. Andrew Sullivan seems unwilling to demonstrate even a modicum of decorum when it comes to Sarah Palin.

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The Donald said...

Sullivan is a douche. If all it takes to be a "journalist" nowadays is to rehash Inquirer and Weekly World News stories, than my 6 year old could be raking in the dough right now.

What a waste of internet space that man is.