Sunday, July 12, 2009

Red Sox-Giants World Series Still a Possibility at The All Star Break

Back in March, I picked the Boston Red Sox and San Francisco Giants to face off in the 2009 World Series.

Well, we are now at the All-Star Break. The Boston Red Sox have a three game lead in the AL East over the New York Yankees. Yay.

I also predicted the San Francisco Giants would win the NL West. OK, the Giants are seven games back of the Los Angeles Dodgers. However, at 49-39 they are currently leading the Colorado Rockies by two games in the NL Wild Card standings.

Now there's two and a half months left in the regular season and much can happen between now and October. Yet a Red Sox-Giants World Series is certainly not out of the question. It is certainly more viable than my Toronto Blue Jays-Washington Nationals Fall Classic prediction in 2008. Not to mention that Texas Rangers-Houston Astros showdown I conjured up in 2007.

We'll see how the Red Sox and Giants hold up. The Red Sox are 8-0 against the Yankees this season. However, the Sox and Yankees will face off ten more times in 2009. Seven of those games will be at the new Yankee Stadium. I would be very surprised if the Sox managed to go 18-0 against the Yankees. The two teams have been evenly matched for too long. If that is the case then look for the Yankees to start evening things out. So much for my last place prediction for the Bronx Bombers and Joe Girardi being kicked to the curb.

As for the Giants, I wonder if Matt Cain has any long term damage done to his elbow after he got hit with a line drive yesterday against the Padres. Cain is unable to attend the All Star Game on Tuesday and has been replaced on the NL roster by Zach Duke of the Pittsburgh Pirates.

If Cain is damaged goods methinks the Giants should join the Roy Halladay sweepstakes. Blue Jays General Manager J.P. Ricciardi let it be known this past week that the team is ready to trade their ace starter. Imagine Halladay the best starting rotation in baseball. On the other hand, the Giants might be better served by getting an extra bat in the lineup like Matt Holliday or Grady Sizemore.

We'll see.

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