Sunday, July 26, 2009

Bob Schieffer Gets Crowley-Gates-Obama Wrong

Bob Schieffer made the following commentary on the row amongst Sgt. Crowley, Professor Gates and President Obama on the CBS Program Face The Nation.

He got it wrong.

Not surprisingly he played the moral equivalency card saying all parties were at fault.

Schieffer said of Sgt. Crowley:

A cop trained not to let such things bother him, let some smart remarks get under his skin. Inexcusable, sure, but aren't cops human too, sometimes?

Let's see here.

Professor Gates accused Sgt. Crowley of being a racist police officer.

President Obama called Sgt. Crowley stupid.

Sgt. Crowley, meanwhile, didn't accuse either Professor Gates or President Obama of anything.

He just did his job.

The liberal media knows both Gates and Obama were wrong.

But the liberal media can't bring themselves to admit that a white police officer was right.

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Anonymous said...

Care to rephrase that, now that the tapes are out showing Crowley lied on his arrest report?