Monday, July 27, 2009

Crowley Accepts White House Beer Invite

It appears that Sgt. James Crowley will be joining President Obama and Professor Gates for a beer at the White House.

I hate to see Sgt. Crowley be used as a political prop by President Obama.

The last thing we need is more grandstanding from Professor Gates.

But I can understand Crowley's reasons for accepting the President's invitation.

If he declines he appears ungracious and anti-social. He would open himself to accusations that he is unwilling to bury the hatchet. It would become yet another chapter in the saga.

Yes, the press will write glowing articles about Obama the peacemaker. But they'll write glowing articles about Obama whether he deserves it or not.

If Crowley does this then I think this will begin to recede. That is, unless, Gates decides to bring a lawsuit or pursue his racial profiling documentary.

Besides Sgt. Crowley has demonstrated he can handle both Professor Gates and President Obama.

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