Friday, July 24, 2009

Boston Globe Readers Think Obama Should Have Kept His Mouth Shut About Cambridge PD

The Boston Globe put forward a question to its readers: Should the president have spoken out on the Gates arrest?

A majority of the readers who have responded indicated they believe President Obama should have kept his mouth shut or at the very least reserved judgment to a later date.

OK, it isn't a scientific poll but given how liberal this part of the country is it is clear that Obama struck both a raw nerve and the wrong chord.

It isn't the place of the President of the United States to second guess a local police department especially when by his own admission he doesn't have all the facts before him.

As time goes on other matters of state will come to fore and memories will recede. However, I think President Obama's ill-advised comments will create a lasting impression in the Boston-Cambridge area. The seeds of doubt have been planted and Obama is fertilizing them.

Put it this way. Somewhere Hillary Clinton is sitting up, taking notice and biding her time.

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