Friday, July 3, 2009

Fourth of July Concert With The Boston Pops & Neil Diamond (On July 3rd)

You are probably aware that CBS broadcasts the Fourth of July Concert with the Boston Pops every year.

What you might not be aware of is that the dress rehearsal takes place the preceding evening and is open to the public. It is also generally broadcast on Armed Forces Radio.

In 2004 I saw such a dress rehearsal. Harry Smith was the host and David Lee Roth was the featured musical guest. Roth didn't quite jump. It was more like he kicked.

Tonight, Christopher and I found some space along the Charles River with an obstructed view and listened to the Boston Pops featuring Neil Diamond. Craig Ferguson of The Late Late Show hosted the proceedings. Diamond sang "Cracklin' Rosie", "Forever in Blue Jeans", "Sweet Caroline" and, of course, "America." Actually, Diamond had to sing "America" for a second time because the sound cut out during the middle of his first try. When he reintroduced the song, Ferguson said, "I know we haven't heard this song in a very time long time but...." No one seemed to mind hearing it again. How often does one get to see Neil Diamond in concert for free?

Of course, no Fourth of July Concert would be complete without the "The 1812 Overture" and "Stars & Stripes Forever." Even if it did take place on July 3rd.


Anonymous said...

I'm a Bostonian in exile in kills me that the national broadcast of the Pops starts right AFTER the 1812's painful to miss out on that..!!!!

Anonymous said...

Pops Goes the 4th is always the best concert on TV on the 4th. Unfortunately ever since it was switched from A&E to CBS, most of the concert is cut out including the 1812 Overture. I wish another network would pick it up and telecast the entire concert.

Also, is it just me, or did they cut out a section of the Stars and Stripes Forever? There's a repeat that wasn't played I think>

dickenrose said...

As a Bostonian in Florida, I share the same sentiments as the Bostonian in Missouri. Very poor of CBS to show only the last hour and to showcase an idiot whom I have never heard of (somebody Ferguson?) as the host.