Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Baker Joins Mihos in Seeking GOP Nomination for Massachusetts Governor in 2010

Charlie Baker today announced his resignation as the CEO of Harvard Pilgrim effective later this month to seek the Republican nomination for the gubernatorial race here in Massachusetts next year.

Baker joins businessman Christy Mihos in the Republican effort to unseat Democratic Governor Deval Patrick. Mihos ran as an independent in 2006 garnering just under 7% of the vote.

However, complicating matters is Massachusetts State Treasurer Tim Cahill. He is expected to launch his own bid for Governor as an independent. Cahill is considered a moderate to conservative Democrat and his candidacy could siphon votes away from the GOP nominee be it Baker, Mihos or any other Republican who jumps into the ring.

Governor Patrick has been a disappointment given his lofty rhetoric. If it sounds familiar it should. Both Patrick's and President Obama's election campaigns were run by David Axelrod. Unlike Obama though Patrick's poll numbers aren't good even amongst liberal Democrats.

However, Patrick has time on his side as the election is 16 months away. Keep in mind the odds favor Patrick in a three horse race even if he is gimpy.

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