Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I Stand By Sgt. Crowley

A couple of days ago I wrote, "The liberal media knows both Gates and Obama were wrong. But the liberal media can't bring themselves to admit that white police officer was right."

Here's a response from a reader: "Care to rephrase that, now that the tapes are out showing Crowley lied on his arrest report?"

No, I do not care to rephrase anything.

The 911 call to Cambridge Police does nothing of the sort.

If one reads Sgt. Crowley's report the race of the alleged assailants is identified when he is in conversation with Ms. Whalen at the scene not on the 911 call.

It is worth noting Whalen is also denying that she spoke to Sgt. Crowley at the scene. But what occurred at the scene is separate from what occurred on the 911 call. I find it hard to believe Sgt. Crowley would make up an entire conversation out of whole cloth. It would be interesting to see what the other officers on the scene have to say about what Ms. Whalen said or did not say.

Let me be clear. I think Ms. Whalen has been under enormous pressure. The fact she made the call cannot sit well with her colleagues at Harvard or her neighbors and she is trying to draw the heat away from herself. Her attorney Wendy Murphy said she is calling a press conference tomorrow because she wants to get back to a normal life. Well, I wonder who it is that is making Ms. Whalen's life abnormal?

If Ms. Whalen succeeds in drawing scrutiny away from herself it will bring about more heat towards Sgt. Crowley. Well, should that come to pass, I will continue stand by Sgt. Crowley. The liberal media wants to crucify a white cop because he's a white cop.

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