Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I Feel Sorry For Lucia Whalen

I just saw a good chunk of Lucia Whalen's press conference on WCVB-TV, the ABC affiliate here in Boston.

I feel sorry for Lucia Whalen.

Not only was she was ill at ease in front of the microphones and cameras she had a very difficult time answering the questions posed by reporters. It was the last place she wanted to be. As the conference wore on I wondered why this whole spectacle was even necessary other than to give her attorney Wendy Murphy an opportunity to grandstand.

The only thing I really learned from all this was that an elderly woman initially saw what was going on and not having a cell phone got the attention of a passerby. As it happened that passerby was Whalen. This was the last place she expected to be when she made the 911 call nearly two weeks ago.

As I have written previously given that she works at Harvard she has more than likely incurred the wrath of her colleagues not to mention her neighbors. The presence of the media doesn't help much either. I can't imagine she's accustomed to such scrutiny. You can see the burden written all over her face. I don't think this press conference did much to alleviate her burden. I hope she has some vacation time available to her because this is surely the time to use it.

As for Sgt. Crowley, if this was the liberal media's last ditch effort to discredit him it failed miserably.

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Landy said...

People are being cruel to her!! I wrote a blog post about it too.