Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Barack Obama Has A Funny Name, According To His Wife

A couple of weeks ago, Barack Obama said that John McCain and Republicans would make America scared of him because of, amongst other things, his funny name. Yet last night it was Michelle Obama who described her husband as having "a funny name" during her address to the Democratic National Convention.

Is Michelle Obama trying to scare America?

Whatever she was trying to do she did hit all the right notes about the American Dream and how she loves this country. She hit those notes but was she singing from the heart? In other words, did she really mean what she said last night? I have no doubt she loves her husband and her children. I also have no doubt she terribly misses her father who was stricken down by MS. But does she really love this country? What I do know is that when she said she was proud of her country for the first time she meant every word. What I do know is that when she said America was "downright mean" she meant it.

But if Michelle Obama does in fact love her country we will see it with her deeds not her words. On that front, the jury is still out.

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