Friday, August 29, 2008

McCain Picks Palin

I like this pick.

Thank G-d he didn't pick Romney. That's a relief.

Fox News is confirming that John McCain has selected Sarah Palin, the Governor of Alaska, to be his running mate. She is to appear with McCain at a rally this afternoon in Dayton, Ohio.

A lot of people thought she wouldn't be picked because she was only elected Governor in 2006 and just gave birth to her fifth child in April. But she has a maverick streak and has been willing to stand up to corruption in her own party in Alaska. Unlike McCain, Palin actually was voted Miss Congeniality when she competed and won a beauty pageant in 1984. Speaking of 1984, Palin becomes the second woman to become a vice-presidential running mate. after Geraldine Ferraro who was tabbed by Walter Mondale.

Palin, who is 44, undoubtedly softens McCain's image and will appeal to female voters, especially those who previously supported Hillary Clinton. Democrats might criticize her inexperience but I would put up her experience against Obama's any day of the week. Especially her executive experience.

I would also add that she will be an effective debate opponent for Biden. Sure Romney could have gone toe to toe with Biden but Romney has so many negatives. Biden can't go after Palin the same way he would Romney or Pawlenty. I'm not saying he can't criticize her but he can't be seen to be bullying her. But if she can stand up to her own party, she can certainly stand up to Biden. Like Biden, she also has a son who will deploy to Iraq in the fall.

Yes, I am liking this pick more and more as each second passes. Yes, Pawlenty was my first choice but McCain hit a homerun on this one.

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