Friday, August 22, 2008

Obama's Three Criteria for VP

Barack Obama has said he's picked a running mate but won't say who it is. At least not now.

But in an interview with CBS News, Obama offered three criteria:

1) Be prepared to be President;
2) Help him govern;
3) Challenge his thinking.

Clearly, this disqualifies Virginia Governor Tim Kaine.

Back in June, I wrote an article predicting Obama would pick Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius. ('08/)
I don't think she can be entirely ruled out. But Obama defines helping him to govern in areas such as economic opportunity at home and providing navigation through dangerous waters abroad. Methinks Sebelius could help him with the former but not so much the latter.

That leaves Delaware Senator Joe Biden and Indiana Senator Evan Bayh. They certainly meet all three criteria. Biden certainly has the foreign policy experience. He can also be blunt. Remember when Biden caught all kinds of heat for calling Obama "articulate", "bright and clean". Of course, Biden will be forever remembered as the guy who plagiarized former British Labour Party leader Neil Kinnock two decades ago thus derailing his Presidential aspirations in 1988. I mean if you're going to plagiarize someone then pick a winner.

Bayh is more low key than Biden but certainly has his views. While he has been critical of the way things have gone on in Iraq he has never repudiated his support for the War. Given that Obama's opposition to the war is the centerpiece of his campaign, Bayh could certainly challenge his thinking on Iraq.

Then again, Hillary Rodham Clinton also fits the criteria.

In the meantime, keep checking your text messages.

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