Saturday, August 23, 2008

I Suppose You Could Say Obama Was Biden His Time

OK, I'm not the first to think that up. But I mean nearly 2 a.m. Why couldn't he have made the pick at 2 p.m. or some other civilized hour?

Senator Biden is touted for his foreign policy experience but he has been weak on Iran and had voted against designating Iran's Revolutionary Guard as a terrorist organization.

What I wonder though is if Obama's selection of Biden will influence McCain's VP choice. Biden is a pretty skilled debater. The one guy who could go toe to toe with him is Romney. No, I'm not a Romney fan but he is a helluva debater. It would probably be the most interesting VP debate ever and make great TV.

Then again Lloyd Bentsen walloped Dan Quayle twenty years ago. So maybe McCain isn't thinking VP debate at all.

I still think he should pick Pawlenty. Maybe he'll pick Lieberman to neutralize Biden's foreign policy experience but that would cause a furor with pro-life activists. Dick Morris suggests he should pick Kay Bailey Hutchison since Obama didn't pick Kathleen Sebelius, as I thought he should have.

We'll see in a week's time.

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