Friday, August 1, 2008

Will Manny Love L.A.? Will Bay Be Accepted in the Bay State?

If you don't know by now, the Boston Red Sox traded Manny Ramirez to the Los Angeles Dodgers in a three way deal involving the Pittsburgh Pirates. The Red Sox obtained outfielder Jason Bay from the Pirates who has the unenviable task of filling Manny's shoes. The Bucs, meanwhile, get Red Sox pitcher Craig Hansen and outfielder Brandon Moss as well as infielder Andy La Roche and minor league pitcher Bryan Morris from the Dodgers.

I have submitted an article discussing this trade as well as the talented but enigmatic personality of Manny Ramirez who drove Red Sox Nation as far as he hit balls onto Lansdowne Street. I hope it will be up soon.

In any case, Manny makes his Dodgers debut tonight against their division rival the Arizona Diamondbacks while Bay makes his debut in the Bay State against the Oakland Athletics.

Life is never boring in Red Sox Nation.

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