Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Dem. convention: Our old guy is better than your old guy

Some thoughts from a friend who watched the opening night of the Democrat convention:

So, I turn on the TV this morning and think to myself, “why is the old bald guy McCain making a speech the day Barack Obama is going to announce his Veep choice?” Then I realize the crinkly balding guy making the speech is Joe Biden. My initial thought is our old cranky guy is better than your guy. Seriously, is this the politics of change? The guy is the same generation as Johnny Mac (did he even serve in military?) and can’t represent any new ideas. Didn’t he first get elected when Nixon was President? I earlier thought that Hillary wouldn’t be the VP choice because having her on the ticket would represent the same old same old. Now I’m wondering, if you’re going to go with the attack dog professional politician, why wouldn’t Hillary get the nod? Seriously, I don’t get this. I thought he’d go with Bayh or Vilseck, or someone that would truly represent the politics of change. This should be a democratic election. But I wonder if folks in middle America are still going to be asking, is this a change we can believe in? Or will we be rolling the dice and hoping the old guy does us right? I’m guessing the McCain people are thinking, our old guy is better than your old guy.

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