Thursday, August 28, 2008

Instant Replay Will Not Be An Instant Success

Today, MLB officially introduces instant replay.

This is because of a significant number of home run calls the umpires have botched this season.

Instant replay will only be used to determine on a) if the ball went fair or foul on a homerun b) if the ball went over the fence on a homerun or if it is simply base hit and c) where fan interference is involved.

The crew chief will consult broadcast replays and consult with an umpiring official in New York.

What isn't clear is how instant replay will be initiated. Is it something demanded by the manager? If so, can the crew chief refuse the manager's request for instant replay? Will managers have a per game limit as to how many times they could ask for instant replay?

Inevitably, this will be a matter of trial and error. Of course, this trial and error might very well extend into the playoffs and World Series.

While this might provide baseball long term improvement invariably as with any change someone will be unhappy with the outcome.

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