Monday, August 25, 2008

Madonna Compares McCain to Hitler

My mother asked me if I had heard about this when we spoke over the phone last night. I hadn't. Frankly, my life doesn't revolve around delving into Madonna's political insight if such a thing exists. After all, she and Michael Moore were basically the only two people in America who thought Wesley Clark would make a good President.

A few nights ago, Madonna launched her latest world tour in Cardiff, Wales and at one point in the show there were images of carnage, global warming accompanied by images of Adolf Hitler, Robert Mugabe and John McCain. These were contrasted with images of John Lennon, Gandhi and Barack Obama.

Again, not that I place a great deal of value on her view of the world. But there are a significant number of people who equate Bush with Hitler and it seems now equate McCain with Hitler. A couple of weeks ago I wrote about Randy Newman's McCain-Hitler comparison. (

Unlike Madonna, I actually care about Newman's music.

But that consderation aside, it tells me that many people are either profoundly ignorant about what Adolf Hitler actually did or are simply quick to equate people with whom they disagree or don't like with a mass murderer as casually as one would close a door. Whatever the case, it is clear that Madonna, Randy Newman and a cast of thousands have actually given the Holocaust almost no thought at all much less taken the time to learn what actually happened. The fact that the Holocaust cannot be taught in many British schools due to pressure from Muslim parents does not bode well for either history or for our future.

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