Monday, August 4, 2008

Brett Favre Reinstated

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell yesterday reinstated Brett Favre, who retired as the Green Bay Packers quarterback only five months ago.

For the past month, however, Favre has had a hankering to go play again but the Packers had resisted having committed to Aaron Rodgers being the new starting quarterback. The Packers position is understandable. If Favre wanted to play in 2008-2009 so badly why did he retire in the first place? With folks like Michael Jordan and Roger Clemens retiring and unretiring with the frequency of a light switch going on and off I should have known that wouldn't be Favre's last act.

I have no doubt Favre can still play. After all, he helped get the Packers to the NFC Final against the New York Giants earlier this year. The Packers now state there will be an open competition for the QB position between Favre and Rodgers.

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