Monday, August 4, 2008

Skip Caray, 1939-2008. R.I.P.

Yesterday, long time Atlanta Braves announcer Skip Caray died from complications of diabetes. He would have turned 69 on August 12th.

Caray is best known for his TV and radio broadcast work for the Atlanta Braves which he began in 1976. Since the Braves were up until last season carried by TBS, Caray had a following throughout North America especially in locales that did not have a local baseball team.

Skip's father, of course, was the legendary Harry Caray who broadcast for the St. Louis Cardinals, Chicago White Sox, Oakland A's but most famously the Chicago Cubs.

In recent years, Skip was joined in the broadcast booth by his son Chip Caray. Sadly, Chip Caray learned of his father's death while doing the play by play during yesterday's game between the Los Angeles Angels and New York Yankees for TBS Sunday Afternoon Baseball.

Skip Caray also broadcast football and basketball games. His health had declined within the last year and came close to death in late 2007. However, he recovered sufficiently to resume broadcasting Braves home games this season. His called his final game on Thursday.

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