Monday, September 8, 2008

Brady Out For The Season

New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichik confirmed everyone's worst case scenario and announced that quarterback Tom Brady would miss the rest of the 2008 NFL season. Yesterday, Brady was clipped on the left knee by Kansas City Chiefs safety Bernard Pollard, who has quickly become the most hated man in New England since Aaron Boone. Brady's knee will require surgery.

Matt Cassel, who filled in for Brady yesterday, will be the QB for now but others might be auditioned. Some hope Cassel will be to the Pats what Brady was to the Pats seven years ago when Drew Bledsoe got hurt in Week 3 and the previously unknown Brady led the team to the first of its three Super Bowl victories. However, when Brady replaced Bledsoe, the Pats had finished the previous season 5-11 and had lost the first two games of the 2001 season before Bledsoe was sidelined by New York Jets linebacker Mo Lewis. The Patriots have appeared in four of the last seven Superbowls, winning three of them. They just came off a 16-0 season and just fell short against the New York Giants in the Superbowl. Back then no one expected anything of Brady or the Pats. The Patriots have won 20 consecutive regular season games. Everything is expected of the Pats. With Brett Favre at the QB helm with the Jets and with the Buffalo Bills and Miami Dolphins looking to have better seasons the AFC East is suddenly wide open.

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