Wednesday, September 24, 2008

McCain Suspends Campaign to Address Economy; Seeks to Delay Friday Debate

John McCain has announced that he is suspending his Presidential campaign so that he can go back to Washington to try to fix the economy. The $700 billion bailout proposed by the Federal Reserve and supported by the Bush Administration appears headed for defeat in Congress.

Consequently, McCain wants to delay the first Presidential Debate that was scheduled for Friday evening and has asked that Barack Obama join him in this effort. However, Obama wants to press ahead with the debate.

The timing is interesting. The economy is not John McCain's bread and butter and with the chaos on Wall Street in the past week or so Obama has been gaining traction in the polls. So McCain is doing with Obama what he did with regard to joint town hall meetings. McCain is testing Obama's willingness to walk the walk with his new kind of politics. McCain extends the olive branch to Obama and he recoils like an old time politician. Meanwhile McCain looks Presidential.

I suppose Obama can say McCain is afraid to debate him. But then Obama would risk looking childish and he simply he cannot afford to do that. It wouldn't be very Presidential now would it?

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