Thursday, September 11, 2008

McCain @ 9/11 Presidential Forum

I think John McCain acquitted himself well at Obama's alma mater and was respectfully received.

Judy Woodruff was her usual imperial self. She bemoaned the disproportionate number of racial minorities in the U.S. military, McCain reminded her it was much the same way during the Draft. That wasn't good enough for her. McCain pointed out that if one truly wanted to have a more representative military force Columbia University and other Ivy League schools should let the ROTC on back on campus. The Columbia faculty members were less than amused but some of the students applauded.

She also pressed McCain on Sarah Palin's "derisive" comments about Obama's comments as a community organizer. McCain reminded Woodruff it was the Obama campaign that had denigrated Palin's service as the Mayor of Wasilla. McCain was otherwise careful not to criticize Obama directly.

Finally, she asked McCain if he thought America was better than all other countries. McCain said America was "exceptional." This went back and forth for several minutes. Yet when Barack Obama said, "America is the greatest country on earth," Woodruff batted not an eyelash. But more on Obama later.

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