Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Fidel Rebukes Obama

Fidel Castro has rebuked President Obama concerning U.S.-Cuba relations.

The Obama Administration responded favorably when Raul Castro when said he was open to discussing "everything" with the United States last week.

But according to Fidel, Obama "without a doubt misinterpreted Raul's declarations." Fidel removed any doubt when he added:

When the president of Cuba said he was ready to discuss any topic with the US president, he meant he was not afraid of addressing any issue. That shows his courage and confidence in the principles of the Revolution.

Add Castro's rebuke on top of Obama's handshake with and accepting a gift from Venezuela's Hugo Chavez, President Obama looks downright foolish when it comes to engaging communists in Latin America.

If only Ronald Reagan were alive to show Obama the way.

Then again even if Reagan could lead Obama to the waters of liberty he could not make him drink.

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