Wednesday, April 22, 2009

George W. Bush & Bill Clinton To Make Joint Appearance in Toronto Next Month

I was on the phone last night with my older brother who lives in Toronto. He informed me that former Presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton would be having a debate at the Metro Toronto Convention on May 29th.

Well, it's not being billed as a debate. But Bush and Clinton will discuss domestic and foreign policy matters affecting both the United States and Canada.

So why Toronto?

Because the event organizers are Canadian. Andy McCreath of McCreath Communications and Christian Darbyshire of tinePublic Inc. have organized events for both Clinton and Bush in the past. They were responsible for Clinton making appearances in both Edmonton and Saskatoon in recent years. They were also responsible for Bush's appearance in Calgary last month.

Of course, Clinton has made many joint appearances with George H.W. Bush especially when they have raised funds for Tsunami relief and for those affected by Hurricane Katrina.

It will be interesting if Clinton's interaction with Bush 43 will be similarly cordial or if Clinton will try to goad Bush into an argument. Bush was criticized by Clinton during his Presidency but Bush has never publicly criticized Clinton since he left office.

One thing that can be said for certain. There will be anti-Bush protesters gathering in Toronto and there will be newspaper editorials praising Clinton and condemning Bush.

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