Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thoughts on Susan Boyle

If you haven't heard by now a middle-aged woman from a village in Scotland by the name of Susan Boyle has taken the world by storm with her rendition of "I Dreamed a Dream" on Simon Cowell's Britain's Got Talent.

Cowell, the other judges and the audience were openly dismissive of Boyle due to her modest appearance. But Susan Boyle got the last laugh.

At first, I was elated. Anyone who can put Simon Cowell (I'm surprised he isn't referred to as Simon Callow) in his place has got character.

But now I feel sadness. Not for Boyle. Regardless of whether she wins the competition it appears she is getting a record deal out of it and good for her.

Nonetheless, I do feel sadness. What does it say about the human race that Susan Boyle has to sing like an angel to be afforded even the most basic human courtesy?

Now, I did see the interview she did on The Early Show on CBS. At least she has a small circle of friends who are with her fame or no fame. But as Boyle has said she has endured a lot of unkind words over her lifetime.

But what if Susan Boyle couldn't sing a note? She would probably be completely isolated and ostracized having only the strength of her character on which to rely for sustenance.

If Susan Boyle couldn't sing a note then Simon Cowell would have mocked her without mercy and everyone watching would have had a big laugh and derived pleasure in her humiliation.

For the record, I have never watched American Idol because I cannot bear to watch people who behave like bullies.

I will only pay heed to Simon Cowell when he has something good to say (i.e. Paul Potts) which, of course, isn't very often.

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