Monday, April 27, 2009

Reuters' Anti-Israel Bias

I just read this article from Reuters titled, "Abbas Won't Recognize Israel As A Jewish State."

Well, if Israel isn't a Jewish state then what is it? Presbyterian?

Nevertheless, the article contends:

Palestinians fear recognition of Israel as a Jewish state could help Israeli leaders resist any return of Palestinian refugees who fled or were forced to leave their homes in a 1948 war.

Funny, it was the leaders of the Arab states with whom Israel was at war that told these "Palestinians" to leave their homes. They could come back once they had taken care of the nascent state of Israel. Only problem was that Israel won and the Arabs who listened to their leaders were out of luck. They were Arabs who chose to back a loser but they weren't any more Palestinian than I am. There was no Palestine Liberation Organization in 1948 because there was no Palestine to be liberated.

Let's be clear. The Palestinians want the right of return so they can overwhelm Israel and wipe it out by way of demography. Palestinians do not want a two state solution.

Once again, Reuters anti-Israel bias shines through.

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