Sunday, April 12, 2009

Poem: All Barack & No Bite

Now that President Obama has finally given his daughters a puppy they have named Bo I thought I would share this canine inspired poem titled, All Barack & No Bite:

Here's my brand new dog

Look at all the tricks it can do.

Sit, Barack, sit. Good boy.

Barack, roll over for the Russians. Good boy.

Barack, lie down for Iran. That's a good Obama.

Barack, what did I say about digging a hole for yourself?

Bad dog.

Now, tell the whole world that you're sorry.

Good boy. Here's a treat.

Barack, look at the mess you made on Wall Street.

I constantly have to clean up after you.

But you look so cute with that shiny teflon coat, oh yes you do.

You're going to win that talent show again, oh yes you are.

You're going to get America to vote for you again, oh yes you can.

Oh yes you can.

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