Friday, April 3, 2009

Tragedy in Binghamton

This is just absolutely awful.

If you haven't heard a gunman killed 13 people at an immigration center in Binghamton, New York and has apparently committed suicide.

The person responsible has not been officially identified but a professor who speaks fluent Vietnamese was asked by authorities to speak with the gunman.

At this point, the victims have not been identified although at least one employee at the immigration center is among the dead.

UPDATE: At least 26 other people have been wounded. The gunman has been identified as 41-year-old Linh Phat Voong (a.k.a. Jiverly Voong). According to Maurice Hinchey, the Democratic Congressman from New York's 22nd District which encompasses Binghamton, Voong fired on people taking a citizenship exam and had recently lost his job at IBM.

PERSONAL OBSERVATION: I don't wish to be disrespectful in any way as authorities are still sorting out the dead and the wounded. However, I cannot help but wonder how this story would have played had the assailant been a middle-aged, white male. If this had been the case the MSM would have turned it into a tale of how intolerant, angry, white middle-aged males cannot abide immigration, legal or otherwise. But since that does not appear to be the scenario here one must ask how this mattered will now be approached. My guess is that the gunman's political activities (if he had any) will be investigated. If it is discovered the shooter had any right-wing inclinations or anti-Communist leanings or was an avid listener of Rush Limbaugh the MSM will run with it.

Aside from the great loss of human life the tragedy here is that these people came to America to live better lives. I'm sure that some of those who died today faced genuine repression where they grew up and thought that part of their lives was left behind. But for the grace of G-d. R.I.P.

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