Tuesday, April 14, 2009

What About Cuba's Political Prisoners?

Obama's overture to Cuba leaves a lot to be desired.

While I understand the desire for Cuban Americans to have unfettered access to their loved ones in Cuba; I see this measure as one which strengthens the Castro Brothers because the money Americans send to their relatives will end up in government coffers.

But what I find most disheartening is that while President Obama is eager to shut down Gitmo he seems less eager to have other prisons in Cuba closed.

You will recall that Fidel Castro imprisoned 75 dissidents shortly before the War in Iraq commenced. Many received sentences in excess of 25 years in prison for "anti-government activities" as owning a typewriter.

Most of them remain imprisoned. Why won't President Obama speak on their behalf as he spoke on behalf of those detained at Gitmo?

Then again, if President Obama cannot be moved to speak on behalf of Roxana Saberi, an American journalist being tried in Iran, why would I expect him to speak on behalf of Cuban dissidents?

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