Friday, April 17, 2009

Obama to Chavez: Why Can't We Be Friends?

At the opening of the OAS Summit in Trinidad, President Obama approached Venezuelan strongman Hugo Chavez to shake his hand and warmly greet him.

Less than a month ago, Chavez referred to President Obama as an ignoramus. Shortly before Obama's election Chavez referred to Obama as El Negro or The Black.

Imagine if a Republican had talked that way about President Obama. Would the President be shaking his or her hand? Methinks not. The Department of Homeland Security would conclude such a person is a right-wing extremist angry about the election of this nation's first African-American President with plans to recruit returning military veterans to carry out terrorist attacks.

But foreign despots can talk anyway they want about Obama and Obama will embrace them with open arms. Clearly, Obama has no respect for the office of the Presidency, no respect for the United States and no respect for the people of Venezuela who must suffer Chavez's cruelty and foolishness.

But I gather Obama sought an audience with Chavez to prepare himself for his eventual meeting with Iran's Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the Mullahs.

After all sucking up to tyrants does take practice.


Anderson said...

The troubling thing I have been discovering is that there are people out there who are so willfully blind to what is going with the world, despite wanting the world to "like" us.

When Mr. Chavez would insult President Bush for being imperialist, the left and probably some ignorant moderates probably felt it was a well-deserved comment. What they failed to realize was that Chavez is quite the imperialist and that he was obviously playing politics with his people in an attempt to use anti-American sentiment gain popularity.

Chavez has been giving oil to other Latin American countries in exchange for allegiance and for clout in their politics. He has had a very big hand in the political turnover in many Latin American countries that have gone socialist, the latest being the usually conservative stalwart El Salvador. Soon enough, there might only be a handful of countries on the Western Hemisphere.

Why does any of this matter? There is plenty to say on the evil of Chavez, but how does it affect us? Why does any of this matter? There is plenty to say on the evil of Chavez, but how does it affect us? Well, aside from the direct and obvious (oil), Chavez went so far as to say that he'd welcome the Russians if they decided to put missiles in Venezuela, while maintaining that Venezuela would always remain sovereign (can't lose face). Can you say Cuban Missile Crisis, part deux? Someone as anti-American as Chavez with missiles pointed at us that close?

Reaganite Republican Resistance said...

Chairman Zero and Red Hugo have a lot in common- both are arrogant narcissists with a racial victimhood complex... and habitual liars.

Both displayed contempt for democracy or any opposition whatsoever once elected- and are absolutely clueless re. economic manners. And both are out to serve a far-left agenda while dragging a bountiful nation into the abyss.
So these two have plenty to talk about-
Actually, I think I respect Chavez more- he might be a misguided socialist twit, but at least he's honest about it.