Friday, April 3, 2009

NRO Symposium on Baseball

For the past several days, IC has been posting my predictions for the 2009 MLB season. Today, we look at the American League West. Starting tomorrow the focus turns to the National League.

Today, National Review Online has a symposium from 30 contributors telling us why they love their team.

Of course, there are 30 teams in MLB and I like the fact the devotees of every teams can speak their peace.

Several contributions stand out.

First, Nat Frum (David's kid) on his love for the Toronto Blue Jays. He tells the story about how his grandfather pretended to phone Blue Jays outfielder Shannon Stewart to get a base hit for him.

Second, with regard to the San Francisco Giants, Sally Pipes asks, "Could this be the year?"
If Sally waits for my post on the NL West on Monday it will music to her ears.

Finally, Jeremy Beer candidly admits he does not love the Arizona Diamondbacks. The Chicago Cubs are his first and true love. However:

We’ll never split up, but like so many moderns, the Cubs and I are now in a long-distance relationship. Propinquity has brought me a mistress, the fresh and lovely Miss Arizona. Our first date is April 6, and afterwards I expect we’ll often keep company on warm Sonora evenings.

The first pitch in Philadelphia is but 55 hours and 27 minutes away.

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