Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Freeman Withdraws Nomination for National Intelligence Council Chairmanship

Chas Freeman has mercifully withdrawn his nomination to be Chairman of the National Intelligence Council.

Freeman has expressed dubious opinions over the years.

Amongst other things he has stated the Chinese government acted with restraint against democracy protesters at Tienanmen Square, argued the United States had 9/11 coming, endorsed Mearsheimer and Walt's anti-Israel screed and is an apologist for the House of Saud. Not exactly the sort of person one would want to be the overseer of unbiased intelligence gathering.

If nothing else it tells us about President Obama's judgment or lack thereof when it comes to national security and foreign affairs.

I am not of fan of New York Senator Chuck Schumer. But hats off to Schumer for giving White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel grief over Freeman. It got the ball rolling. I guess the only place in Washington more dangerous than getting between Schumer and a camera is having Schumer on the phone.

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