Sunday, March 15, 2009

Venezuelan Baseball Fans Let Magglio Ordonez Have It For Supporting Hugo Chavez

Exiled Cubans aren't the only active Latino community in South Florida.

There is also quite a vibrant Venezuelan community in Miami-Dade and they dislike Hugo Chavez as much as the Cuban community dislikes Fidel Castro.

Last night during a World Baseball Classic match up in Miami between Venezuela and the Netherlands the large Venezuelan contingent booed Detroit Tigers outfielder Magglio Ordonez each time he got up to bat. Ordonez appeared in a political ad on Venezuelan television supporting Chavez's side in a referendum which would allow him to become Venezuela's President for Life.

A similar referendum was defeated in December 2007 which would have meant Chavez would leave office in 2013. But the new measure was passed last month and Chavez will remain their President whether Venezuelans want it or not.

The booing of Ordonez will likely continue tomorrow night as Venezuela faces off against undefeated Puerto Rico in another Round 2 World Baseball Classic match up.

For his part Chavez said of the fans, "Everyone has a right to think about politics. This is shameful."

No their behavior is not shameful. What is shameful is Chavez's contempt of democracy and the individual liberty of those who do not share his view of the world.

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