Sunday, March 22, 2009

Obama on 60 Minutes

I watched Steve Kroft interview President Obama on 60 Minutes this evening and was struck by a couple of his comments.

To start with I found it amusing that he said "we can't govern out of anger." Well, who was it that said he was "outraged" by the AIG bonuses? Who was it that stoked this anger in the first place?

Obama also doesn't handle criticism very well. He went on at length about former Vice-President Dick Cheney's criticism of his decision to close Guantanamo Bay.

But how can one blame Cheney for his criticism when Obama hasn't figured out what we're going to do with those detainees? The President said, "Well, I think we're gonna have to figure out a mechanism to make sure that they not released and do us harm." Surely, that detail ought to have been figured out before announcing Gitmo's closure.

But here's Obama at his most irrational:

I'm surprised that the vice president is eager to defend a legacy that was unsustainable. Let's assume that we didn't change these practices. How long are we gonna go? Are we gonna just keep on going until you know, the entire Muslim world and Arab world despises us?

Is President Obama suggesting the entire Muslim and Arab world didn't despise us when al Qaeda attacked our embassies in his father's native Kenya and Tanzania? Before Khobar Towers was attacked? Before the U.S.S. Cole was attacked? Before September 11, 2001?

But to take a page out of the late Jeanne Kirkpatrick's book what does one expect of President Obama and his base of support that always blames America first?

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Anonymous said...

Obama's continual campaigning after winning the presidency, is awfully reminiscent of Fidel Castro and La RevoluciĆ³n, which is still going strong after being power for 50 years.