Thursday, March 5, 2009

Greyhound Bus Killer Sent To Psychiatric Facility

A judge in Winnipeg has ruled that Vince Li is not fit to stand trial for the murder of Tim McLean on a Greyhound Bus last July.

It has been determined that Li suffered a psychotic break when he beheaded McLean and consumed some of his body parts on a bus bound from Edmonton to Winnipeg.

Li will instead be committed to a psychiatric facility. It is entirely possible however that Li will be released into the general public if the Manitoba Mental Health Review Board deems he is no longer a threat to society. For their part the family of Tim McLean is trying to get the Criminal Code of Canada amended to prevent mentally ill murderers from ever being released.

One would hope the Manitoba Mental Health Review Board would have the good sense never to release Li. But one cannot always rely on good sense. So I think the amendments are necessary although I doubt they will see the light of day.

Here's an article I wrote about McLean's murder last August.

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