Sunday, March 22, 2009

Venezuela Eliminated From WBC By Korean Team

Well, at least there aren't any more commie countries left in the WBC.

Venezuela was trounced in the World Baseball Classic semi-final tonight at Dodger Stadium 10-2.

Hugo Chavez is probably wondering why Team Venezuela's manager Luis Sojo opted to start Carlos Silva instead of his Seattle Mariners teammate Felix Hernandez.

Silva was ineffective but it wasn't all his fault. Venezuelan right fielder Bobby Abreu dropped a routine fly ball which opened the floodgates. The Korean team scored five runs in the top of the 1st capped by a three run home run by Shin-Soo Choo, the only member of the Korean team currently in the major leagues. Choo currently plays for the Cleveland Indians.

This wasn't Abreu's first embarassing moment in the WBC. Abreu, who signed a one year contract with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim this past off season, was picked off third base in a first round game against Italy two weeks ago in Toronto.

The Koreans added two more runs on a two run homerun by Tae Kyun Kim to give them a 7-0 lead. That finally prompted Silva's removal from the game.

Aside from Abreu's error the Venezuelans committed four more - one by Silva, one by relief pitcher Edgar Gonzalez, one by first baseman Miguel Cabrera and one by catcher Ramon Hernandez. Prior to this game the Venezuelans had made five errors in the entire tournament.

At least nearly all the Venezuelan players play either in the majors or on a major league affiliated farm team. Unlike the Cuban team, who can only leave the island during international tournaments, the Venezuelans are still free to make a living in America. At least for now.

The Korean team will face the winner of tomorrow night's semi-final between the U.S.A. and Japan at Dodger Stadium. The WBC Final will then be played on Monday night also at Dodger Stadium.

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luismi455 said...

Well first of all its very sad that venezuela got eliminated. Cause after all i think it was one of the best teams of the tournament and well im nor happy with this post because you are suposed to be talking about sports not politics and anyway you cant crticise cuba or venezuela cause of its political choices. First cuase these changes are made by their people cuase they want it period. Second and last its not your country.... ITS NOT YOUR PROBLEM. I can tell you this because im 100% venezuelan and the people here LOVE CHAVEZ and im sure that in Cuba its the same thing look it up in google chavez and fidels parades (sorry for my spelling me english is not perfect). PS: congrats to to korea....