Sunday, March 8, 2009

Mauritania Orders Israeli Embassy Closed

Israel no longer has diplomatic relations with Mauritania.

The West African nation was one of three countries in the Arab world with formal diplomatic relations with Israel. Egypt and Jordan are the two others.

Diplomatic ties were established between the two countries in 1999. A military coup took place in Mauritania in 2005 but diplomatic relations were not affected. However, another military coup followed in August 2008. The new regime under General Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz objected to Israel's defensive operations in Gaza and relations were suspended in January.

Israeli Embassy personnel were given 48 hours to leave on Friday as Mauritanian security forces took down the Israeli flag and destroyed security cameras.

It is worth noting that Mauritania has become closer to both Iran and Libya. Iran recently gave Mauritania $10 million with the understanding it would cease relations with Israel. Libya's Colonel Gaddafi also happens to be in Mauritania to visit with General Abdel Aziz. He too has advised Mauritania sever ties with Israel.

With friends like those....

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