Saturday, March 21, 2009

Obama acknowledges socialism in speech

This year we are assigning [billions of dollars] for the needs of industry. With that money we are building new plants and repairing old ones, installing new machinery, and increasing the numbers of the working class, We have thus reached a position where we are laying the foundation of a new industry on the basis of our own accumulations. We have reached a position where we are erecting the majestic edifice of a new, socialist industry with our own resources. That is our principal achievement.

It is said that this majestic edifice has certain defects—that the plastering is not what it should be, that here and there the wallpaper is peeling off, that in some corners there is litter that has not yet been swept up, and so on. All that is true. But is that the point, is that the chief thing? Is the majestic edifice of a new industry being erected, or is it not? Yes, it is. And is this edifice being built with our own resources, or is it not? Yes, with our own resources. Is it not clear that in the matter of economic construction, in the matter of industrialisation, we are already achieving the chief and principal things?

That is the basis of our achievements.

Ok so that wasn't really Obama, that was actually Stalin, but the similarity was uncanny. And we all know what happened to the USSR under communism.

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