Wednesday, March 11, 2009

U2 Descends on Davis Square

Yesterday, it was revealed that U2 will be playing a concert tonight at the Somerville Theatre in Davis Square. But, shhh, it's supposed to be a secret. Although but apparently 6,000 people have descended on Davis Square to get a glimpse of Bono and the Edge. (Imagine what they would do if Bono were to remind them how much he liked President Bush.)

For those of you unfamiliar with the Boston area, Davis Square is a neighborhood in Somerville. It's a short walk from Tufts University and is gathering place for the young and trendy with literary ambitions and political pretensions amongst the working classes. Until we joined forces, my roomie was living a short walk from Davis Square.

Some Davis Square landmarks include Mike's Restaurant, Johnny D's and the Somerville Theatre the site of tonight's concert. The Somerville Theatre is a movie house, an art gallery and a concert venue all rolled into one. But it's not one of these modern megaplexs. It has been in Davis Square for 95 years and should be experienced at least once.

I was last there in December 2005 when I saw Donovan perform in concert.

I am not going anywhere near Davis Square tonight.

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