Monday, March 2, 2009

Thoughts on 60 Minutes Profile of Bobby Jindal

I caught Morley Safer's profile of Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal on 60 Minutes and not surprisingly it was less than flattering.

In the first sentence of the report, Safer referred to Jindal was referred to as "a rather awkward young man." So what's so awkward about Jindal? His skin color? His policies? I've seen better speeches but if Obama was ever referred to as awkward the MSM would be brandishing the scarlet letter "R" faster than you can say yes we can.

He was also referred to as a "mere governor." There are all of 50 governors in the United States out of 300 million people. A mere governor my foot.

Safer kept trying to paint a picture of someone inauthentic. He carped on the fact that Jindal was "playing down his ethnic background" by amongst other things changing his first name. In fact, he's never legally changed his name but Bobby is easier for most people than Piyush. Hey, until he went to Columbia University our current President was known as Barry Obama. Safer also carped on his conversion to Roman Catholicism. "He clearly paints himself as true blue American," said Safer. Paints himself? As far as I know Jindal's priest isn't yelling, "God damn America," from the pulpit.

If Jindal, like Sarah Palin, were a liberal Democrat the MSM would be building monuments to him as they have with President Obama. Then again if he wasn't viewed as a threat to the liberal order the MSM would not be investing their time with him in the first place.

So a presentation like this will probably help Jindal with those moderates and independents who don't take what the MSM says as the gospel truth.

Still, Jindal's top political priority is to get re-elected in 2011 not challenging President Obama.

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