Sunday, January 10, 2010

60 Minutes Bashes Palin, Ignores Reid

This evening 60 Minutes did a story on Mark Halperin and John Heilemann's book Game Change, an insider's account of the 2008 Presidential campaign.

Game Change includes Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's remarks about Obama not speaking "in a negro dialect." It also includes former President Bill Clinton telling Ted Kennedy that a few years ago Obama would have been serving them coffee. Yet curiously 60 Minutes made no mention of either of these items.

But since neither of these remarks were made by Republicans they instead they concentrated almost entirely on - you guessed it - Sarah Palin. Anderson Cooper interviewed senior McCain campaign adviser Steve Schmidt who has enough sour grapes to start his own winery.

Perhaps it's just as well. The fact 60 Minutes would concentrate nearly the entire story on Palin is an indication that they are terrified of her. Do you think for a solitary moment that 60 Minutes would give her the time of day unless they thought she had a chance of beating Obama in 2012?

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