Monday, January 4, 2010

Thoughts on Brit Hume's Religious Advice to Tiger Woods

Yesterday, FNC's Brit Hume suggested that Tiger Woods should "turn to the Christian faith" while appearing on Fox News Sunday.

Hume also suggested that Buddhism "doesn't offer the forgiveness and redemption offered by the Christian faith."

I like Hume and think his intentions towards Tiger are good. Nonetheless I'm not amused by his intervention especially with his negative comments about Buddhism. If Hume had directed such comments towards me or any member of the Jewish faith I would be very angry however good his intentions were. If Hume had told me to turn to the Christian faith I would tell him to never address me in that way again. Jews do not proselytize to those outside their faith. If a non-Jew were to proselytize towards me in that manner and were to persist in this behavior even after being told not to do so I would be compelled to conclude that such a person does not respect me either as an individual or as a member of my chosen faith. If I want religious advice I'll ask for it. I don't need anyone asking on my behalf thank you very much.

Now if Tiger were to take up Hume on his offer then so be it. But I wouldn't blame Tiger a bit if he were teed off with Hume.

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