Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Could Brown Beat Coakley in MA?

With only two weeks to go before the special election, a new poll by Rasmussen has Massachusetts Attorney General and Democratic senatorial candidate Martha Coakley leading Republican candidate Scott Brown, a Massachusetts State Senator by nine points.

Given how overwhelmingly Democratic this state is those results do raise eyebrows. On the other hand, if I'm Scott Brown I wouldn't be inclined to believe my own press.

Unless Coakley stumbles badly in her upcoming debates with Brown (and Libertarian candidate Joe Kennedy - no relation to the Kennedy clan) then she has little to worry about. If she does stumble badly then look for the Democrats to send in the heavy hitters (i.e. Kerry, Hillary Clinton and perhaps President Obama himself.) Coakley after all would represent the Democrats' 60th vote in the Senate. If there's any danger of Coakley losing the Democrats will pull out all the stops for her.

If Brown has a good showing against Coakley then perhaps he can run for statewide office or perhaps challenge Jim McGovern in the 3rd Congressional District.

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