Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Massachusetts Goes From Blue to Brown

I am sure you know by now that Scott Brown is the Senator-elect from Massachusetts.

He was elected tonight with 52% of the vote.

I have an article up on the IC main site detailing my observations of this historical election as a resident of the Bay State.

Of course, the $64.37 question is when will Harry Reid swear him into office. Reid, Pelosi & Obama could try to ram through Obamacare but that will simply galvanize people outside of Massachusetts towards Brown. Such a move would also practically guarantee Brown re-election in 2012. As terrible a candidate as Martha Coakley was this election was also a stinging rebuke to the Obama Administration. The political dynamic has changed overnight. The question is whether President Obama will have the wisdom to govern within the parameters of this new reality.

Tomorrow night I will be at the Cantab Lounge in The People's Republic of Cambridge where I will pay homage to Senator Scott Brown, R - MA. I might be the only Republican in the room but suddenly I don't feel so lonely anymore.

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