Sunday, January 17, 2010

An Encounter With a Coakley Volunteer

Yesterday afternoon while walking home a woman approached me and asked if I was going to vote on Tuesday.

The sun was in my eyes so I took a closer look and saw that she was wearing a Coakley cap. Upon making this observation I said, "Yes, I am going vote and I am going to vote for Brown." She replied, "Why?" I said, "Where would you like me to begin?"

For the next fifteen minutes this woman was trying to get me to change my vote. I give her kudos for trying but those fifteen minutes would have been better spent talking to someone who was undecided and I told her so.

She spent most of the time telling me why Scott Brown was supported by birthers, didn't care about poor people or black people, is part of the "extreme right-wing" and was another George W. Bush instead of telling me why I should support Coakley. Frankly, she didn't seem enthused about Coakley either and told me that she thought she was too right-wing. So much for Brown being a right-wing extremist. That's a hell of a way to convince me to support your candidate.

Clearly, the Coakley people are being told to equate Brown with Bush. That's all well in good but Bush has now been out of office for nearly a year. We are now under Obama's watch and it is under Obama's watch that the people of Massachusetts might very well be willing to give Scott Brown a chance.

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