Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Dawson Prefers The Cubs Over The Expos

Earlier this month, Andre Dawson was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

At the time he was inducted it was not known if he would be inducted as a Montreal Expo or a Chicago Cub.

Here is what I wrote about that question:

The only thing that isn't clear is whether Dawson will go into the Hall as an Expo or as a Cub. Gary Carter is currently the only Hall of Famer who was enshrined as an Expo. Despite winning a NL MVP with the Cubs, Dawson played most of his career in Montreal so I think he will be inducted as an Expo and that's the way it should be.

Well, Cooperstown agrees with me. Today, they announced Dawson will be inducted as an Expo.

However, Dawson is "disappointed" by the decision. He wanted to be inducted as a Cub. Now I can understand Dawson's position. His relationship with the Expos did not end on the best of terms. They gave up on him. Dawson signed a blank contract with the Cubs and he rewarded them with an MVP season. The Cubs gave him a new lease on life and he gave Cubs fans much to cheer about.

Yet I think this is precisely the reason that decision should be left to the Hall of Fame. The Hall is for the fans and it would be a disservice to them to pretend that from a team standpoint Dawson's history with the Expos is less significant than with the Cubs. Don't get me wrong. Dawson had a good run with the Cubs. But when I think of the Cubs I think of Ernie Banks, Billy Williams, Ferguson Jenkins, Ron Santo (who should be in the Hall) and Ryne Sandberg. I don't think of Dawson. But when I think of the Expos it is then when Dawson's name immediately leaps to mind.

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