Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Brown vs. Patrick 2012?

No sooner than Scott Brown is sworn in he will have to start thinking about November 6, 2012.

He will be seeking re-election that day and one thing is for certain. His opponent will not be Martha Coakley.

So who will Brown face in 1,021 days from now?

If Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick is elected to a second term as Governor in November then look for him to set his sights on Brown.

Of course, there's no guarantee that Patrick will be re-elected. His approval ratings are near the bottom of the tank. But as Scott Brown proved a month in politics is an eternity. Patrick has time on his side.

While Scott Brown won the GOP Primary with 90% of the vote there will be a competitive Republican primary between Charlie Baker and Christy Mihos. Even if that battle proceeds amicably it won't prevent the anti-Patrick vote from being split. Massachusetts State Treasurer Tim Cahill, a Democrat, is running as an Independent. All of which could result in Patrick squeaking out a victory later this year.

I'm sure Brown ends up facing Patrick the pundits will expect Massachusetts to revert to form and they will place their bets on Patrick. Then again I'm also sure Brown won't mind playing the underdog again even if he is the incumbent.

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